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August 2009

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minonkey in shineespam

[Video] FBG - Ep.13

: 꽃미남시대
Air Date: 08/04/09
Episode: 13
MC's: Onew, Key
Guests: Hyoyeon, Sunny, Jessica (SNSD)

DL Link
: HERE (MU) / or HERE (mediafire)

- feel free to use if you wish to sub it -

To summarize: In the beginning Onew mentions what his impressions were of Hyoyeon, Sunny and Jessica. LOL when Jessica turned to look at Onew, Hyungdon (MC) gets all excited at how sweetly she turned & looked at Onew, compared to how she would just look straight ahead at the camera when Key was sitting next to her. Onew doesn't have much to say when it comes to Sunny. When they reach Hyoyeon, she tells them how her and Onew would take the subway home together and how they would go eat mochi and he would be wearing his school uniform (?). She calls him by his real name Jin Ki but the MC's mis-understand and think she said something else, they all laugh but eventually clear up the confusion. 

After that little talk, Onew goes back to his original seat and SNSD dances to "Tell Me Your Wish"
Key wants to challenge them and so he does the dance with Jessica perfectly *_*

Next they have a Q&A session. They each pick a question attached to a stuffed animal through one of those toy machines. Instead of Hyoyeon answering her question, Jessica directs one to Key and Onew. Key compliments Sunny, and Onew talks about Hyoyeon. This particular question and answer, I'm not entirely sure about, but while Onew is answering, Hyungdon says "It seems like jealousy?" and Onew's face went blank~ lol. Then the MC's bring up the going-home-on-a-subway-together and eating-together thing... because they are trying to understand Onew's reasoning for how he answered the quesiton about Hyoyeon.The MC's are really putting Onew on the spot with their questions~~
It's so funny how the MC's get so caught up the "love line" of these guests throughout this episode LOL.

Shinee asks their questions, they all do a little more talking... then they talk about their auditions... Onew sings a bit of "Do It" by Gummy (ft. Wheesung) and Key does a funny dance lmao. Oh, and Onew does his Donald Duck impression again T_T he's so cute about it though hahaa. Jessica and the other MC's try to do it but fail.

Last part, they all do noraebang. Key and Onew sing a song together, then Key is paired with Sunny and Onew is with Hyoyeon. ^___^

...sorry for the not-so-great summary. -_-

I'll share caps later =^.^=*

I loved this episode ^^
There's lots of Hyoyeon & Onew moments... it kinda makes you wonder....~? hehe